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Platform 22


1 December 2010
Ben Knight/Metamorphic Music
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Platform 22 - Sertari
"Standing on this platform number 22,
I'm riding on this train 'coz I'm gunning for you,
a voice on the speakers calling out my name,
I'm running from my shadow and you're doing the same.

Everywhere you go, and with everything you see...
my heart is always beating - but there's just no beating me.

Rocking out the place don't hit the ground
Picking up the pace don't stand around
Listen to me now, listen to me now! Wey-oh, wey-oh!
Now don't you stop or slow me down,
gone too far to turn around,
gotta get away, gotta get away! Wey-Oh, wey-oh!

Verse 2
They're telling me there's problems with the leaves on the track,
but from the way I'm heading there's no heading back,
I'm tired of corruption in the midst of this game,
it's like it's 1920 - you're my Citezen Kane.

Mid 8
Only got a minute don't you get in my way,
Time is moving faster ever step that I take,
Only got a second now it's pulling away,
Never gonna stop. Don't you know!"

Songwriter notes

This song came about from a culmination of various ideas, on the surface it was based on the mundane task of catching a train, but it has deeper meaning to it...the task of catching the train is a metaphor for many aspects of life.

The 'train tracks' can symbolise the paths we all follow each day - and the train controller "calling out my name" or "leaves on the track" are problems trying to stop us achieving our goals - but as the lyric says...'my heart is always beating, but there's just no beating me.'


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